Synthetics  2017

Exhibition curated for Aquaporin/primer

Liber Chronicarum 1493

Tobias and the Angel/The Flight into Egypt 1620/1652

Hercules Segers/Rembrandt van Rijn

Portrait d'Ubu 1936

Dora Maar

Oscillon No. 27 1952

Ben Laposky

LOT 1983

Charlotte Johannesson

Recent activities in relation to dissolution and transformation 1995

Jakob Jakobsen

Atlas (Consistency and Assimilation) 2015

Kasper Hesselbjerg

FOOD FOR THE MOON – Sluggish and Well-lubricated 2013

Lea Porsager

OCD.CBT.OD. 2013

Sidsel Meineche Hansen

Siekri 12 2014

Karl Otto Götz

Hashashin/The Assassins 2012

Masar Sohail

Satan i gatan 2015

Morten K. Jacobsen

The Last Decade of June 2016

Till Mycha