Synthesizer   2001

and enlightenment and form and fever and formation and formations beyond worlds of meaning and order and value and let go and the interest of synthetic activities and the energies of a mixed presence and the only way is deviation from super-structural activities and we know of no other way than to synthesize energy and interest over and over again and to form fuels of anticipation and tools of formation and we are enlightened in this way and we are talking about new versions of what might be and we are talking about formations of the nervous systems and one nervous system does not exist and let go and we anticipate other nervous systems and we reform ourselves with these structures and this is a surplus of existence and tomorrow may not be the same and no equilibrium and we want what we might be and deviation is the basis of a synthetic presence and the basis of what you might be and one human being does not exist and we are working on nervous fuels and floating and we need massive amounts of time and let go and aufschwung and we love you and what really matters are the interests of another being and another being and so on and the lightness of mind and matter is a fuel and a tool and experience and enjoy and the pseudo-void and sometimes I need anything and the knowledge generated has to do with the formation of neuroworlds and the formation of neural interests has no super-structural legitimacy and will never have and thus the formation of specific neuroworlds is a promise rather than a fact and the actuality of this promise is a tool of formation and a fuel of anticipation and the ever growing syntheses of neuroworlds and let go and this is neuroworlds and welcome and from now on energy and interest are the same thing and an ever growing synthesis and it looks fluid and it tastes like water and still this is how we form what we might be and anticipations of another social basis have to do with the formation of neuroworlds and the breaking up of equilibrium and the politics of neuroworlds is direct action to support interests of deviation and syntheses of energy and interest and the economics of neuroworlds has to do with exchanges of fuels of anticipation and tools of formation and consume less and let go and be aware of the toxic sweetness of equilibrium and any promise of transparency is suspicious and people get real and the civilization of neuroworlds is an ever growing nervous system representing the syntheses of energy and interest and slow slow slow and micro-being and sub-human vehicles moving at the speed of light and fever of enlightenment and let go and