Antitheses   2009

We live in the aftermath of Aufhebung.

Lightness and acceleration ran through our nervous systems, and we recall the willpower needed to persuade ourselves not to oppose what happened to us. Those of us who did were crushed.

Aufhebung progressed exactly as predicted but at a different moment than calculated. We realized too late that the momentary experiences of indistinctness and malfunction in the Symbolic Order were not accidental fluctuations but signs of a basic change in the state of Qualia. The substance of experience.

Even though we were well aware that our nervous systems would inevitably fail to sustain the Symbolic Order, none of us expected Aufhebung went it came. At the time, we found the Symbolic Order to be more sophisticated and advanced than ever before, and we lived with no idea of its negative form. We lived in pleasure. Nothing failed to stimulate us.

All of a sudden, the state of Qualia changed. Equivalent to a construction that collapses when its carrying capacity is exceeded, the Symbolic Order became unbearable to the nervous systems. The substance of experience became a vacuum that gradually stabilized the present state of radiation. Our experiences became luminous, approaching the speed of light, and we realized that this is now the condition for thought and action.

We have no form. We imagine form, and we calculate the probability of form.

Changes in temperature, intensity of light, and sonic vibration stimulate us. We experience various formations of radiation, observing how they repeat and interact. We conduct experiments in order to figure out the extent to which these formations exist beyond our nervous system, and the extent to which they do not. And we speculate on how to convert the experience of radiation into signs and symbols.

Our speculative and experimental activity is form.